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Joe + Rachael and their wedding at Pioneer Creek Farms!

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Joe + Rachael win a 16×24 canvas which is a $400+ value! They get to choose any photo from their  wedding and turn it in to some lasting memories to hang in their home. Joe + Rachael have some amazing friends and family that voted them in to this free canvas!

Although they won, it was an extremely close race. Only 13 votes separated 1st from 2nd. So, because of all of the amazing support, encouragement, and votes, I think some free stuff is definitely in order for 2nd place!

2nd place goes to Mark + Renee with their Bass Bay Brewhouse wedding! They will receive a free 11×14 canvas of their choosing.

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  1. Jackie Lewis January 16, 2018 in 3:32 pm

    That is great! Congratulations to both couples and how kind of you to bless the 2nd place winners! I’m very happy that Joe and Rachael won!

  2. Renee Hohensee January 16, 2018 in 7:01 pm

    Congratulations to Joe and Rachael on their 1st place win! And thank you Jadon for awarding a 2nd place prize. That is very unexpected and generous of you.

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