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I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life until I was about 30. It was then that I picked up a camera and I just never put it back down! While I love taking amazing photos, I equally love getting to know each couple that comes my way. Everyone is so unique and that’s what keeps my job fun.

I’m married to an amazing woman, Katie, who just happens to design all of the ridiculously cool albums you get from me (she’s a graphic designer). We just had our first child, Holden, in October of 2018. While up to our elbows in dirty diapers and sleep deprivation, we are head over heels for our little man! We also have the cutest dog in the world, Maisy. For complete cuteness overload, follow her on Instagram at @tinydogmaisy

We absolutely love to travel and explore new places. This means we also eat out way too much to explore local cuisine. We’re also crafters, flea market junkies, and DIYer’s. Another fun fact is that we used to live in a tiny house on wheels – we were even on HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters (@goodandtiny)!

So, that’s a quick run down on my life. Now, tell me about yours! If you’re looking to capture some memories from a special time in your life I would love to hear about it.

Let’s set up a time for you to swing by my studio so I can get to know you!

What my clients say about me

Wedding Photography Testimonial-Jadon Good Photography_011
Kyle + Kristen

Jadon was fantastic! My husband and I discussed after the wedding that having him as our photographer was one of our best wedding decisions! He was great to work with and gave us a lot of direction which we needed! It’s so important to make sure your wedding photographer is top notch and that is exactly what we got!

Wedding Photography Testimonial-Jadon Good Photography_018
Benedikt + Alison

The best wedding decision we made was to hire Jadon. Working with him has been so easy and stress free. He is an amazing photographer and well worth every penny.

Wedding Photography Testimonial-Jadon Good Photography_021
Kevin + Kelly

Just wanted to let you know that a ton of people we have talked to from the wedding and more specifically that were in our wedding party have commented on how awesome they thought you were. They appreciated how you ran the group pictures and were very complimentary of you. You already knew we thought that of you but I thought you should know that people that have not worked with you as much thought the same! So thanks for that!!

Wedding Photography Testimonial-Jadon Good Photography_019
Brandon + Jenna

Jadon is very warm and professional. He has a good eye for lighting especially and did a great job of corralling our very large wedding party! We got rained out of our engagement shoot, but he was very flexible when we had to reschedule (important, as both me and my now husband lived out of state at the time). All in all, everything was really wonderful!!

Engagement Photography Testimonial-Jadon Good Photography_001
Jeff + Michelle

So incredibly happy with Jadon! He is wonderful to work with and his work speaks volumes!

Wedding Photography Testimonial-Jadon Good Photography_017
Chris + Rachel

We loved Jadon! He was really easy going and a lot of fun to work with. He did a really great job getting photos on our wedding day without getting in the way. We would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a wedding photographer.