Jadon Good Photography


Jason + Jenni | Married 08.03.2012
Ceremony + Reception | Boerner Botanical Gardens, Milwaukee WI


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  1. Steven August 29, 2012 in 5:13 am

    These all turned out sooo well! I really am liking the ones with the sun in the background when we are standing in the field. And the one of Jason and Jenni cutting the cake, that was a great capture! Awesome job and awesome pics 🙂

  2. christina jones August 29, 2012 in 11:09 am

    Pics are beautiful. I especially like the wedding party one where some are sitting. Nice to see a change from standard pose of wedding party.

  3. Natalie Shaw August 29, 2012 in 1:45 pm

    Those pictures are absolutely beautiful! I especially love the quirky bridesmaids moments 🙂

  4. shalom August 29, 2012 in 4:08 pm

    The pics are awesome! Captured all the fun moments!

  5. Megan August 29, 2012 in 5:34 pm


  6. Karen L Gaylord August 29, 2012 in 6:48 pm

    Awsome pictures!
    Anyone that can get Jason to smile must be good!
    Jason and Jenni look so good together

  7. Sheila Goehring (aka MOB) August 30, 2012 in 7:14 pm

    Great sample – can’t wait to see the full package!

  8. Mary Geissler August 30, 2012 in 7:52 pm

    Jenni & Jason,

    Love the sample of your pics, can’t wait to see the rest!

  9. Tanya August 31, 2012 in 3:59 am

    Nice Pics. Loved the props and backdrop! It was a lot of fun!

  10. Diane Pautz August 31, 2012 in 3:18 pm

    Beautiful day beautiful couple.!!!!

  11. Lauren Neely August 31, 2012 in 4:40 pm

    I can’t even get over how great these are! I’ve looked at them 100 times. Can’t wait to see more!!!

  12. RIchard Mobley August 31, 2012 in 4:41 pm

    Beautiful, Jenni and Jason. Bet it wasn’t as hot there as it is in SC!

  13. TLN August 31, 2012 in 4:45 pm

    nice pictures. Lauren is probably going to order way too many.

  14. Brianna Kreuser September 2, 2012 in 4:27 am

    Gorgeous photos! Very fun and creative poses! Lots of good keepers for framing! 🙂 Wishing you both all the best!

  15. Jerry September 3, 2012 in 2:47 am

    Great teaser for remembering this happy day. Look forward to seeing the rest.

  16. Jim Russell September 3, 2012 in 3:48 pm

    You can tell by the quality of the pictures, and the set-ups, that hiring a professional photographer is worth the expense.

  17. Geneva Mobley September 3, 2012 in 6:51 pm

    Beautiful pictures! I love the picture of you and Jason cutting the cake!

  18. Bonnie September 4, 2012 in 1:37 am

    Beautiful pictures… beautiful wedding!

  19. steph k September 4, 2012 in 1:38 am

    Lovely wedding, lovely couple, lovely pix!! Enjoy ~

  20. bob k September 4, 2012 in 1:39 am

    nice photo’s, looks like you will have several nice pics to choose from

  21. Lori Thompson September 4, 2012 in 2:20 am

    Love the angel of the camera pointing up at the people in the picture! The rings on the apple is very unique. Nice pictures that will be memorable to look at for years to come.

  22. Marolyn Kell September 4, 2012 in 2:21 am

    It was a great wedding and thank you for posting so I could see some of the pictures.

  23. Kat Melton September 4, 2012 in 2:56 am

    love them!!! they look great!!

  24. Pat Barnhouse September 4, 2012 in 3:19 am

    For wedding pictures, these are so unique and they truly capture the creativity of the photographer.

  25. Laurie Polenske September 4, 2012 in 5:36 am

    Jenni looks so amazingly happy! I especially like the first photo here, a great pose.

  26. Ellen September 4, 2012 in 1:31 pm

    Your photographer managed to catch some AWESOME ‘moments’ in the photos. Wow, impressive!

  27. David Gnaniah September 4, 2012 in 1:36 pm

    Wonderful pictures.Nice photos of Jenni and Jason

  28. karen September 4, 2012 in 3:11 pm

    Great Pics! Captured the beauty of the day and the personalities of Jenni, Jason and those who helped them celebrate.

  29. Alana Dalton September 4, 2012 in 3:51 pm

    The photos are great. Too bad we had to miss the special occasion. What a great keepsake you will have in this photo album.

  30. Jenni September 4, 2012 in 8:01 pm

    I admit, I was really nervous about the pictures turning out well. But these look great so far! Thanks everyone for making our day so special and a beautiful memory!

  31. Ed Boyung (FOB) September 4, 2012 in 9:58 pm

    Such beautiful pictures taken on such a beautiful day.

  32. Nicole September 4, 2012 in 10:12 pm


  33. pam bird September 4, 2012 in 10:13 pm

    I think you had a beautiful wedding. You two are cute together. And who did the pics I love them. Please send info

  34. Mary Beth September 4, 2012 in 10:31 pm

    Very nice pictures, great color. Pics with props are cute.

  35. Michelle Kempfer September 4, 2012 in 11:27 pm

    This pictures are beautiful! Some really great moments are caught on here.. and I love the goofy look on both of their faces in several of these!

  36. debbie wetzel September 4, 2012 in 11:28 pm

    the pictures are beautiful and i ike the funny ones

  37. Rebecca Kempfer September 4, 2012 in 11:29 pm

    I think these pictures are really fun and I can’t wait to see the ones that uncle Jason is dancing with me! That was my favorite part of the whole night!

  38. shawn September 5, 2012 in 12:46 am

    Nice pictures,very well done.

  39. Ken Kempfer September 5, 2012 in 1:31 am

    Beautiful pictures’really caught beauty of the scenery and the couples cherished moments

  40. Maggie September 5, 2012 in 1:48 am

    Pics are all wonderful!

  41. james September 5, 2012 in 1:55 am

    Congratulations you two, the pictures look great

  42. carol September 5, 2012 in 6:16 pm

    Beautiful setting, beautiful bride and groom, and beautiful pictures to remind everyone of a very special day

  43. Harry Cadambi September 5, 2012 in 9:36 pm

    Hi Jason,

    These pictures have come out fantastic!!!

    God bless you and Jenny.

    Harry Cadambi

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