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Emily | Brookfield Central 2013 Senior

Do you have any knicknames:: Just Em – not too creative, but I love it anyway!
What will you miss most/least about high school:: Most: Friday night football games under the lights! Least: Easy, waking up in the sixes every day!
Any plans after high school:: Hopefully attend a big 12 school and get a degree in Veterinary Science.
Do you ever dance when there is no music playing:: Who doesn’t?!
Is it ok for guys to wear pink:: That’s debatable and could go either way. It depends what shade of pink and whether or not the shirt is V-neck.
What do you dip a chicken nugget in? Honey!
Ever eaten a pierogi:: Seeing as how I just had to Google what that was – no.
What is your song of the week:: Anything by Dave Matthews!
Best thing to eat for breakfast:: Cinnamon Sugar Bagel from Einsteins!
Ever had that deja-vu feeling:: No, but I’ve always wanted to!
Who would you like to see in concert:: As cliche as it is, I’ve always wanted to see Rihanna in concert.
Who is your favorite superhero:: I don’t know if this counts as a superhero, but Dash from the Incredibles. Being lightning fast would be amazing!
What would you like to change about the world:: Oh my gosh where to start?! First I would ban Crocs all around the world!
Tell me about your experience with Jadon Good Photography:: My experience with Jadon Good Photography was great! I loved that we were able to visit many different locations – especially outdoor ones. Jadon knew tons of great places to shoot and the whole experience was relaxed and fun!




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